Lil Kim Reunited With Her Former Stylist For Photoshoot

By Nandi Howard Lil Kim’s style is nothing less than iconic. From album covers to videos she has created a blueprint that is still relevant today. Her influence goes far beyond the music, her style and confidence continued a much-needed conversation for women empowerment. So anytime Lil Kim pops out, you almost know she will […]

Why I’m Hoping Bushy Brows Is Not Just A Fleeting Trend

By Shalwah Evans Bushy isn’t usually a word that we associate with chic hair trends. But apparently the memo went out to beauty teams for the spring/summer 2019 shows that bushy brows (read: really full) are still on trend, and we saw countless runways filled with them. At Christian Siriano those bushy brows couldn’t be […]

Cory Booker Speaks On The Black Women Who Have Played The Biggest Role His Life

By Kimberly Wilson Black women told y’all in 2016, and we’ll do it again in 2020—the Black woman’s vote is crucial. Thankfully, 2020 presidential candidates like Cory Booker recognize and understand the importance of the role Black women have played, and will continue to play, in changing the country for the better. “Well, first of […]

Sex Confessions From Women At Every Age

By Jasmine Grant When do women hit their sexual peak? The Internet and random dudes on Twitter will tell you it’s somewhere between the late twenties and 45. Funny how the number changes depending on what they’re trying to sell you or who’s trying to slide into your DMs. But what if there were no […]

This Easy Summer Shade Is The Most Popular Lipstick Color Amongst Black Women

By Shalwah Evans It’s National Lipstick Day and there’s no way we could let this truly momentous day pass without celebration. Besides going out and buying ourselves some brand new treats to make our mouths happy, we’ve broken down the numbers on the lacquers that dress our beautiful full pouts. Beauty website helped us […]

Here To Prove SZA Isn’t The Only One That Looks Good In Pink Hair

By James Love In an effort to live my best Hot Boy Summer, I have made an effort to live life more authentically, to take risks and to release the fear of expressing myself. So after years of contemplating the decision – I chose to dye my hair pink. The choice to dye my hair […]

We’re Loving Regina King’s Box Braids Styles

By Jennifer Ford When it comes to selecting a summer hairstyle that will outlast the heat and humidity, box braids are a practical option. It’s no wonder why so many women are rocking the ‘do this season, including Academy Award-winning actress Regina King. For HBO’s Summer TCA Panels, King sported purple waist-length box braids. The […]

Billionaire Boys Club Just Dropped Their Fall Collection

By Nandi Howard Billionaire Boys Club just released their space-themed fall 19′ collection titled Explorers of Tomorrow. Drawing inspiration from this year being the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s moon landing, the brand went to to the Nordic Island of Iceland—the training ground for Neil Armstrong and the Apollo Astronauts in 1967— to capture the brand’s […]

Three People Killed At Festival By 19-year-old Gunman

By Kynala Phillips Three people are dead after a California festival was cut short this weekend when a gunman trespassed the gated area and began shooting attendees at random, CNN reported. The police has identified 19-year-old Santino William Legan as the suspect. The shooting left 12 people injured and killed a 6-year-old boy, 13 year-old […]

Black Ohio Judge Dragged Out of Courtroom After Being Sentenced to Jail

A former Ohio judge had to be dragged out of court by a bailiff this past week after she refused to be arrested following a controversial sentencing. Footage of the incident shows former Judge Tracie Hunter going limp after a judge upheld her six-month sentence for improperly passing on information to her brother in a […]